Easing into the Fermilab artist residency

For those that follow this website and blog, you may have noticed I have been quite absent here. When that happens just head over to my other website/blog, It just means I have been focusing on the social and educational aspect of my art practice. But this year, I am going to be returning to this website to share my research and my process as part of the Fermilab artist residency. I am honored to have been selected, allowing me the space to dive into pure physics research once again. I visited Fermilab in 2022 which inspired me to apply. I was at CERN finishing up Fluidic Data in 2019 when COVID hit. I am excited to be returning there next month to continue my research and ongoing collaborations. I am also looking forward to returning to my studio in Berlin to work out some new ideas that have been emerging from visits with Fermilab scientists on neutrino detectors, virtual particles and augmented reality. Thank you Georgia Schwender for curating this experience!

(x)trees@PASEO 2020

October 8, 2020 Arts, Festival, projection art, technology

(x)trees participated in the surprise PASEO 2020 Drive-thru Projection Experience that filled the historic Taos plaza in New Mexico with over 18 projections featuring PASEO alumni artists from all over the country. For this iteration of the (x)trees Agnes collaborated with coder, Roy MacDonald from Chile. Roy is now working on new interactive features that will be presented for the next showing of (x)trees in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay tuned!
PASEO 2020 artists: CHiKA, Motomichi, Ollie Bell, Sasha Von Dorp, Britney King, Corwin Levi, Ruben Olguin, Cristopher Cichocki, Agnes Chavez, Lionel Cruet, Nettrice Gaskins, Alison Johnson & Thomas Vause-Digital Ant Media, Morgan Barnard, Jennifer Nev-Diaz

(I=)UNIVERSE: An intercultural sci-art exploration of the universe

(I=)UNIVERSE is a STEMarts Lab production in collaboration with Santa Fe Institute’s InterPlanetary Festival, Milagro Middle School and multiple departments at Santa Fe Public Schools, including Art, Science, Technology, and Native American Student Services. Together they coordinated an intensive, hands-on workshop that included digital technology, particle physics, and Native-Western science connections. Experts in all of these fields served as contributing scientists, artists, and storytellers throughout the project. The project included a 2-week workshop with 70 students led by an interdisciplinary team: STEMarts founder/artist, Agnes chavez, Milagro art teachers, Megan Avina and Grace Mayer, Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, LANL astrophysicist, Shane Wood, QuarkNet staff/ particle physics instructor, Steve Tamayo, Lakota artist/cultural specialist, as well as virtual visits from Geneva with Dr. Steven Goldfarb, CERN physicist and from Austria with Tagtool founder/ artist, Markus Dorninger.

(I=)UNIVERSE culminates=s with the following student performances, Due to COVID the Santa Fe Institute’s InterPlanetary Festival was cancelled.

• Innovation EXPO: Full STEAM ahead! A re-imagined and innovative take on the traditional school science fair. Student live painting performance at the Santa Fe Convention Center. February 13, 2020, 5:30pm-7:30pm.


STEMarts (x)change: Lisbon to New Mexico


American Corner@University of Lisbon Faculty of Letters (FLUL). I will be working with Humanities students from the ‘Cultural Creative’ program to design a community outreach project based on a relevant social topic. The 2-month project will culminate with a sci-art projection installation at the American Corner space that will raise awareness to the social topic explored and outline next steps for implementing the community project. Learn more.

SAP Lab: Artist residency and collaboration


Agnes will be starting an artist residency in 2022 at the SAP Lab in Lisbon, Portugal, collaborating with Catarina Pombo Nabais, philosopher and founder of the SAP Lab, ‘an innovative, experimental and interdisciplinary laboratory within the Center for the Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon (CFCUL). Their mission is for philosophy to deeply intertwine with science and art. It aims at integrating the work of scientists and artists with the conceptual analysis which philosophy is prepared to provide.’  Visit their website for more. Catarina will be facilitating research and discussions from diverse interdisciplinary and intercultural voices and they are working on several projects to explore at the intersection of ecology, art and philosophy.