For those that follow this website and blog, you may have noticed I have been quite absent here. When that happens just head over to my other website/blog, It just means I have been focusing on the social and educational aspect of my art practice. But this year, I am going to be returning to this website to share my research and my process as part of the Fermilab artist residency. I am honored to have been selected, allowing me the space to dive into pure physics research once again. I visited Fermilab in 2022 which inspired me to apply. I was at CERN finishing up Fluidic Data in 2019 when COVID hit. I am excited to be returning there next month to continue my research and ongoing collaborations. I am also looking forward to returning to my studio in Berlin to work out some new ideas that have been emerging from visits with Fermilab scientists on neutrino detectors, virtual particles and augmented reality. Thank you Georgia Schwender for curating this experience!