Online Articles and Sites

UNM plays key role in search for Higgs Boson

Theories of the Brane: Lisa Randall

Einstein Online-physics Dictionary

Guian Guidice, Theoretical physicist, TEDx on Higgs field

CERN education for students and educators

TEDx@CERN Video Topics

Extra Dimensions, gravitons and tiny black holes

Dark Matter


Experiments at CERN


Massive: The Higgs Boson and the Greatest Hunt in Science

Warped Passages: Lisa Randall


Virtual Modeling of Particle Accelerator

Event Images of Higgs

Cern OpenData Resources

CMS Tiime-Lapse of Particle Detector (imagine camera obscura)

 Educational videos

Understanding the Higgs Field Concept– Nice visuals and effects make the concepts easy to understand. Filmed before the Higgs was discovered but still good for understanding basic concepts.

Peter Higgs- Particle man– A fun interview and documentary about Higgs and what it all means.

The God Particle with Brian Greene– Entertaining and comprehensive overview.

The Invisible Reality– Brien Greene, The World Science Festival. Greene is the absolute best at explaining the concepts with humor and clarity.

The Fabric of the Universe– Part 1/4, Host Brien Greene

Spacetime Explorer– An interactive museum installation that visualizes the interplay between spacetime and matter to learn astrophysics concepts.

Art Essays

ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness: Special Media-N edition, v.09 n.03, November, 2013. Essay written by Agnes Chavez and Anita McKeown on the ISEA2012 educational focus of art, science and nature.