Origination Point, the interactive projection installation, was part of the collective exhibit “Entre, Dentro, Fuera/Between, Inside, Outside” at the 12th Havana Biennial in Havana Cuba.

Artists: Agnes Chavez (artist/concept), Marcel Schwittlick
(visual artist/coder), Robert Schirmer (intercative sound)
UNM Art Graduate Student assistants: Abbey Hepner,
Christine Posner, Julianne Aguilar, Adrian Pijoan

Interactive projection installation
Written in OpenFrameworks and Max MSP

A projection of self-generating “rocks” (a visual metaphor
for the particle nature of matter) are transformed through
mesmerizing movements in rhythm with an interactive
soundtrack (representing the wave nature of matter).
Audio was created with sounds recorded by NASA from
outer space and with real nature sounds. To interact with
the piece, move the three “rocks” in and out of the circle
on the floor, adding layers of sound designed to shift
your perception of and emotional response to the

“In this piece I contemplate both my origins as a Cuban
American and humanity’s shared ‘subatomic’ origins to
express that we are more than the physical bodies and
socio-cultural identities we construct.”