Agnes (Co-Founder of The PASEO Festival) curated the 2018 PASEO festival with the theme of SPACE.

Exploring inner and outer space, artistically, socially and scientifically. From self identity to space exploration to human impact on the environment our definition of who we are, where we come from and where we are going are in a state of flux. As powerful scientific instruments and new media tools expand our senses, allowing us to see into the farthest corners of the universe and the invisible spaces within our bodies and minds, we begin to grasp the enormous power and potential of humanity. Further, with quantum physics and astrophysics revealing an interdependent universe in line with indigenous worldviews, we have an unprecedented opportunity for intercultural exchange and cooperation. PASEO artists have created immersive and participatory installations that bring together new technologies, scientific explorations and socio-cultural themes. PASEO 2018’s festival forefronted the role of art, science and technology in contemplating our place in nature and re-imagining society. Participants’ senses were activated, curiosities stimulated, and minds transported to a wondrous universe in flux.

Curatorial contributors: Anita McKeown and Ariane Koek.