(x)trees: a dynamically generating forest of trees from SMS and tweets

(x)trees is a dynamically generating forest of trees created from SMS and Tweets from the audience in real time. It is projected in real time on to buildings and large spaces, exploring our relationship to nature and technology.  (x)trees tours around the world creating a participatory experience to raise awareness to ecological topics such as deforestation and climate change. By integrating data mining from SMS and social networks, people participate in the creation of the branches to form a virtual interactive forest of dynamically generating trees. The audience sends a tweet or text message and sees their message appear on the wall with a branch. Archived messages include articles from the Universal Declaration of Rights for Mother Earth and the Outer Space Treaty of 1967.  (x)trees programmers: v.1: Jared Tarbell. Original concept and browser-based code written in Flash, v.2: Jeff Milton and Joe Roth, v.3: Alessandro Saccoia. Converted to OpenFrameWorks, v.4: Kamen Dimitrov, v.5: Roy MacDonald

Contact us to bring (x)trees to your festival or community event. Keywords can be customized to the topic or event.