Fluidic Data

Fluidic Data: When Art Meets CERN, Data Flows

Fluidic Data is a floor-to-ceiling installation spanning the four levels of the CERN Data Centre stairwell. It utilizes the interplay of water and light to visualize the magnitude and flow of information coming from the four major LHC experiments. The installation consists of an array of transparent hoses that house colored fluid, symbolizing the data of each experiment, surrounded by a collection of diffractive “pods” representing the particles pivotal to each experiment. The organic fusion of art and science engenders a meditative environment, allowing the visitor time for reflection and curiosity.

The Fluidic Data installation is a cross department collaboration that incorporates materials and techniques used in the construction of the LHC and its experiments. The project brings together artists, engineers, science communicators and physicists with a common goal of communicating CERN’s research and resources. The success of this collaboration exemplifies the effectiveness of working in diverse teams, both intellectually and culturally, to accomplish unique projects. https://indico.cern.ch/event/773049/contributions/3474847/

CORE TEAM:  Agnes Chavez, Artist/Educator, Melissa Gaillard, Project Director, Johan Sebastian Bonilla, Data Visualization Design, Julien Leduc, IT and Data Specialist, Mayank Sharma, Electronic Engineering Design, Oliver Keller, Electronic Engineering Design, Jani Kalasniemi, Electronics, Marco Garlasche, Structural Engineer, Laurent Deparis, Fabrication Lead, Stephane Berry, Pump System Design, Umut Kose, Physicist/Fiber optic specialist, Harri Toivonen, Platform and space design, Esra Ozcesmeci, Electronics assistant.  EXPERIMENT ADVISORS:  Despina Hatzifotiadou, ALICE, Johan Sebastian Bonilla, ATLAS, Dr. Steven Goldfarb, ATLAS, Thomas McCauley, CMS, Bolek Pietrzyk, LHcb   DESIGN ADVISORS:  Leah Buechley, Porto Design Factory, Horacio Tome Marquez, Francisco Teixeira, MuArts Lab.  TAOS TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  Jeremiah Buchanan, prototyping, Jake Mingenbach, prototyping, Peter Gilroy, Titanium testing prototype, Anita McKeown, Pod prep