Space Messengers

Space Messengers: A mixed reality projection and youth workshop

Space Messengers is a mixed reality installation and youth workshop presented by the Projecting Particles Collective as part of the BioSTEAM International youth exchange program in partnership with the U.S Embassy of Portugal and the U.S. Consulate General of Guadalajara.  This virtual collaboration connects middle/high school classrooms in New Mexico, USA with classrooms in Lisbon, Portugal and Guadalajara, Mexico through a shared sci-art installation exploring at the intersection of art, science/technology and philosophy/humanities. Students explore the human impact of biodiversity both on earth and in space, as global citizens imagining a sustainable interplanetary future. The goal is to raise awareness to our fragile interdependent relationship with earth, sky and space and the importance of a biodiverse interplanetary perspective in environmental policy.  For the culminating presentation collaged space/earth imagery collected from the workshop fill the animated body outlines which are then projected onto a building at the festival along with collective text messages from the students. Our youth leaders share with the world their thoughts and wishes for a sustainable interplanetary future. Messages can be seen projected live and also scrolling on this website in real time.

Space Messengers will be inaugurated at the Festival Internacional de Ciencia e Arte in Lisbon on April 6-11, 2021 in conjunction with a livestream event in Taos, New Mexico.  Students as well as the audience in both countries can experience and interact with this installation either in person or virtually via this website by sending their messages to be displayed in the projection in real time. Space Messengers will travel to Taos/Santa Fe New Mexico and Guadalajara, Mexico in the fall of 2021. Stay tuned for details on the touring schedule and contact us if you would like to bring Space Messengers to your festival, museum or community event.

Projecting Particles Collective

Lead Artists: Agnes Chavez, Markus Dorninger/OMAi team and Roy MacDonald, OpenFrameWork programmer. Interdisciplinary speakers/facilitators: Dr. Steven Goldfarb, CERN physicist; Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, LANL astrophysicist; Steve Tamayo, Lakota Cultural Specialist; Catarina Pombo Nabais, Philosophy of Science/University of Lisbon; Frank Tavares, NASA Communication Specialist. Curriculum  Advisors: Shane Wood, Quarknet staff; Dr. Greg Cajete, Native-American Author/cultural specialist. Visual Program Designer: Estacia Huddleston. Multi-media/Tech development and support: OMAi/Tagtool team/Josef Dorninger and Matthias Fritz;  Enrico Trujillo, University of New Mexico. STEAM Ambassadors: Dania Loya, New Mexico; Bianca Emidio, Brazil; Amina Abdrazakova, Canada.