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Migrations. Work in progress started at Santa Fe Art Institute residency.

I started this exploration while at residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute.  I collected real-time migration data of immigrants and refugees video mapping their movements on to structures inspired by power lines connecting across the landscape. The above images are from the prototype for a large scale “cube” installation. I am exploring  agent-based modeling for the data visualization.

For November 2019, I was invited to participate in a workshop at the University of Minha in Braga Portugal. The workshop called “Care, Critique, Correction? Engaging with Migration & Crime Control Infrastructures” was organized by a small group of social scientists’ critically working at the intersection of migration control and crime control and have in common that they rely on similar technologies (IT databases, biometrics, etc. for identification and surveillance purposes). The group met for the purpose of jointly exploring different forms of public engagement with those often complex, rather invisible, disguised, blackboxed infrastructures entangled with controversies about citizenship questions, justice, ethics and human rights.  I shared my process as an interdisciplinary artist  designing sensorial installations with diverse approaches to translating challenging contemporary topics at the interfaces of science, technology, society and art.