Projecting Particles Collective

As founder/director of the STEMarts Lab, Agnes has formed a team of artists, scientists, interdisciplinary experts and a partnership with Quarknet and ATLAS Experiment at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider to come together as the Projecting Particles Collective.  Projecting Particles was founded in 2013 as a youth workshop and projection event that combines particle physics and projection art to deepen our understanding of the universe. Students travel virtually to the ATLAS control center and other science laboratories. They learn first hand about particle physics from an interdisciplinary team of experts through workshops and virtual visits. Students learn about projection art and use Tagtool, an iPad animation app developed by artist Markus Dorninger/OMAI, to express their ideas and share what they have learned at a collaborative live projection event.  In 2017 Steve Tamayo and Dr. Greg Cajete joined the team and added the native science unit, Indigenous Cosmology meets Particle Physics. Astrophysicist, Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning and NASA communication specialist, Frank Tavares joined in 2018 to expand the unit on space exploration in the latest iteration, Space Messengers. The goal is to create an immersive learning experience where youth develop artistic and scientific literacy to understand our place in the universe and become compassionate and active caretakers of the earth.

Projecting Particles Collective: Agnes Chavez, Artist/Creative Producer; Markus Dorninger, Artist/Tagtool founder, Dr. Steven Goldfarb, CERN physicist; Shane Wood, Quarknet Staff; Dr. Nicole Lloyd-Ronning, Los ALamos National Laboratory; Dr. Greg Cajete, Author/Native Science Specialist; Steve Tamayo, Lakota Cultural Specialist; Megan Avina Bowers, Teacher; Dr. Catarina Pombo Nabais, Philosophy of Science/SAP Lab

Contact us to coordinate a Projecting Particles workshop for middle and high school age students at your school, festival or event.