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The SpaceMind series was part of a wall installation made of copolyester, wire, and drawings presented as an exhibit at Cafe Loka November 2009. They explore a micro-macro view of organismic forms. The focus was on the space between objects, and the time between thoughts.  Shadows of the plastic forms and the line drawings were key elements

Photographs by Carol Morgan-Eagle.

SpaceMind Synopsis

They emerge from the space as wires or hoses
that normally transport life, breath, oxygen
Wires, connecting exchanging thoughts
bio-organismic forms appearing technological
their shapes and movements resemble natural forms
Objects that appear like plants
plants that look technological
The wires and hoses are chosen because
they transfer, transport or
somehow connect (2) separate objects or realms
They exist in between
The focus is on the space
the gap between the objects
the time between thoughts
the vast distance that exists
between each second in time
Line drawings on to transparent surfaces and wire forms
explore ways to use line, movement and light
to bring attention to the
space and time
(in between)


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