In her role as educator and curriculum developer, Agnes Chavez has developed numerous multisensory curricula for educators since 1996. Her unique methodology is based on integrating ‘the arts’ as a way of knowing and learning new content, coupled with a “spiral curriculum” approach whereas students revisit the same topics over time, with each encounter increasing in complexity and reinforcing previous learning. The arts integration is rooted in Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory  which differentiates human intelligence into specific ‘modalities’, rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability. Therefore the curricula always includes activities that engage all the modalities such as kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal, etc. Through the STEMarts Lab, founded in 2009, she continues to apply the latest science research and technological innovations to educational curricula.  By grounding itself in real-world activities and lessons focused on creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, Chavez’  deeply varied curricula empowers and readies students for the 21st century workplace.


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The SUBE Spanish Curriculum Kit

In 1996 she developed the SUBE Teach Language thru Art, Music & Games language curriculum for teaching a second language to elementary grade children.  Raised in a bilingual home to Cuban immigrants, Agnes experienced first hand the struggles and blessings of maintaining two languages. She first developed the Sube Spanish Kit as an after school program to motivate her son and other children in her community to learn Spanish. Built on multisensory and multimedia activities from the worlds of art, music, and collaborative play, the Sube curriculum engages the needs and diverse learning modalities of every student. Sube’s multicultural focus deepens students’ appreciation for their own culture and the culture of others. Through the after school program she field tested the activities to great success and in 2000 expanded to create a Beginner and Intermediate Spanish Kit spanning preK- 5th grade. Each curriculum was teacher-tested in the classroom and aligned with national and international standards.







STEMarts Curriculum Tool

In 2012, in her role as Education Director for ISEA2012 Machine Wilderness,(International Symposium for Electronic Arts Albuquerque Edition) she developed a hybrid online platform called the STEMarts Curriculum Tool which was implemented during the festival to allow educators to access a unique educational blend of art, science and technology through the lens of featured artists. This platform continues to expand providing free standard-aligned STEAM activities that revolve around exciting science and art festival experiences.

Presentations and Professional Development

Agnes Chavez offers engaging talks and professional development teacher trainings at schools and universities to share her unique teaching strategies that have evolved from her sci-art practice  developed through the STEMarts Lab.  STEMarts Lab delivers real world sci-art installations and STEAM programming for schools, art and science organizations, festivals or events.


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