about Agnes Chavez

How is science expanding our worldview and sense of self? How can an expanded sense of self be explored through the merging of art, science and technology? How can this exploration reveal new solutions to personal, social and environmental challenges?


Agnes Chavez is an interdisciplinary new media artist and educator based in Taos, New Mexico. She collaborates with artists, scientists and youth to create sensorial experiences that explore our relationship with art, science, technology and nature as a process and tool for personal, social and environmental change. Her work focuses on data visualization, light, sound and space.  She is a founding member of The PASEO Festival, an outdoor participatory art festival in Taos New Mexico whose mission is to transform community through art and art through community.  In 2009 she founded the STEMarts LAB a Research and Innovation project that applies the latest arts, science and technological innovations to youth programming through interdisciplinary artist-led collaborations and online platforms such as the STEMarts@PASEO Youth Program and the newly forming BioSTEAM Lab at the Taos Land Trust. As a curriculum developer she created the SUBE, a multisensory language curriculum for teaching Spanish and English to kids through art, music and games now in its 23rd year.

Sci-art installations and STEMarts LAB youth workshops are available  for contracting or commission.


Art Exhibitions and Residencies

2019 BIOTA, 516ARTS, Species in Peril along the Rio Grande, Albuquerque, NM

2019 Fluidic Data, CERN Data Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

2016 Origination Point v.2, Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

2015 Santa Fe Art Institute Residency, Santa Fe, NM

2015 ATLAS Experiment@CERN Research Residency, Geneva, Switzerland

2015 Origination Point, “Entre, Dentro, Fuera”, Havana Biennial, Cuba

2014  (x)trees  v.4, Cabot Plaza wall, Taos, NM

2012  (x)trees v.2, ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness, Albuquerque Museum, ABQ, NM

2012 (x)trees v.3, Bareiss Gallery, Occupy Art, Group exhibit, Taos, NM

2011 (x)trees v.2, IMPA Factory and Cultural Center,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010 (x)trees v.1, Lighting of Ledoux, Taos NM

2009 Spacemind, One-person installation, Cafe Loka, Taos, NM

1999 Drawing Perspectives, Three-person Show, Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

1997 Group exhibit, Contemporary Hispanic Art, Capitol Building, Santa Fe, NM

1997 Rio Grande Siggraph Expo, Albuquerque Convention, ABQ, NM

1996 Light Forms; Jungle Rhythms, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, NM

1995 Highlands University,  Three-person Exhibit, Las Vegas, NM

1995 Artist-in-residency, Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM

1994 El Mundo del Arte de Nuevo, Guadalupe Cultural Arts, San Antonio, TX

1992 Taos Moderns in Carlsbad, Carlsbad Museum, Carlsbad, NM

1990 New Paradigms for a Virtual Reality, Metro-State Center For Visual Arts. Denver, CO.